Getting There
How to get to the Great Ocean Road.

There so are many easy and convenient ways of getting to the Great Ocean Road, whether you are travelling from within Australia, or from abroad.

If you choose to fly, Avalon Airport is situated a mere 22 kilometres from Geelong, a city known as the gateway to the Great Ocean Road. Avalon Airport accommodates both local and international flights, and has a fantastic service rating.

Once you have landed safely, had a rest or a snack and fetched your luggage, you will be able to travel via Avalon’s Airport Shuttle all the way to Lorne. Bookings for the shuttle can conveniently be made once you arrive at Avalon Airport, or by booking online beforehand.

How to get to the Great Ocean Road?

Getting to the Great Ocean Road

If you choose to travel via train, Southern Cross Station, situated in Melbourne, has services that depart daily, leaving from Melbourne and travelling to Apollo Bay, further down the Ocean Road. Southern Cross Station has a steady, heavy flow of tourists passing through, so their service and efficiency levels are top-notch.

Because of the popularity of the Great Ocean Road, four trains are dispatched daily to provide a variation of departure times for visitors’ comfort and convenience.

The Greatest Road Trip

Getting to the Great Ocean Road by car, however, is typically the most ideal approach.

Car hire services are in abundance in Melbourne and many bordering towns. Should you choose to drive or take a taxi, it will take you about two hours from Melbourne via the Princes Highway, over the Westgate Bridge. The same route by bus will be a bit longer, approximately three hours of travel time, but it will allow you to sit back and relax.

The benefit of travelling by road is, of course, the scenery. You can start to appreciate the true beauty of the area, all the while knowing that the best is yet to come.

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